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    Question regarding multiple VS projects

    I ran into an issue and wanted to ask about it.

    In Lee's Terrain R&D TP_Controller was accessed from the TerrainDemo code. When I did that part Intellisense had no idea what TP_Controller was.

    I have two seperate file folders for the MMO projects:

    C:\Projects\3DBuzzUnityMMOClass for all the MMO stuff


    C:\Projects\3DBuzzUnity3rdPersonCharacterControlle r for the TP stuff

    I guess the question is: Do I need to have all these separate projects inside one giant folder so VS can pick up on the existence of all these scripts? Do I need to compile a .dll and constantly redirect VS to go look for them? I feel certain that there is something simple I am missing and would like to know how Lee is getting VS to recognize all of his stuff.

    I kinda "fixed" the issue by dragging TP_Controller.cs from the 3DBuzzUnity3rdPersonCharacterController.csproj into the Lee'sTestingFrameworkUnityProject.csproj but this seems sketchy at best and a horrible practice.

    Could some kind soul out there guide me a little about this fundamental programming issue? I would appreciate it.

    I USED the search function and couldn't find what I needed!

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    You need to import all the scripts from the character controller project into the terrain R&D project. Also take your character prefab with you. Just drop it in the scene and it should work !
    Good luck.
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