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    Spaaacee, Spaaaaceee, SPAAAACCEEEEE!!!.....

    My Bad, sorry to be heavy about that, I know as Lee said it is something difficult to do in Unity but anyway…

    … You told us you need ideas, and I got some it can maybe be used.

    Also, if I take the MMO Class game that will be made, history components talking about planets, space and exploring this worlds.

    When I saw what Lee’s done with the Terrain System (see this post : ) It gave me a great interest to expose what I’m looking for and maybe it could help for this Class in this case.

    Well, I’m not sure if it is possible with Unity but the idea is about giving details about environment, especially moving from space to planets or moving in another solar system in example.

    About environment, I think of it as a realistic way, like … Having a whole galaxy and if a player moving near a specific solar system, at a defined distance, the system components is procedurally generated without any loading screen. I am not sure if it’s possible but things like the solar system name, his sun, their planets, moons, sizes, terrains type, and also graphic details, shaders, etc… also time details, the fact that planets going around his sun, at a specified speed, moons around planets, their positions, etc… is stored on a SQL Database and Load On Demand to keep free memory.

    If that player(s) no longer fulfills these distance conditions, that details is unloaded from memory and just appear in the space stars or planet light points to draw the space background.

    Like Lee’s screenshot of the terrain system from space, traveling and transition between space and the planet is done without any loading screen too, and when approching the ground, at the same way, terrain is loaded with trees, rocks, all details...

    That is crazy ideas but defnitely can give a great realistic Universe generated in real time.

    For you to have a better idea of what I would like to talk about, you can check :

    this simple example on Unity :
    to finally got something looking like that :

    Terragen 2 got some good examples too :

    Here is also some technical content links and presentation links about this :

    ... and maybe some I have forgot, I have some if needed

    I would like to specify my interest come from I will need that kind of Space Environment Mechanics for a future Space MMO Real Time Strategy project with whole galaxy and planets procedurally generated I will make later to make a second opus of a very known old game.

    I’m sure it is a subject who looks like interesting for peoples here anyway, as you saw over IRC while the #8 meeting intro before exposing Gameplay Mechanics.

    Well, that would be cool if some of the content exposed here can be taken in consideration while the MMO Class development is in process. So just pick up things if the general idea is interesting, if not, no problems anyway.

    Anyway, thanks for reading and that definitely start this Spaaaaaaaaaaceeeeee topic !

    Feel free to answer.

    Thanks for reading and sorry for my low english knowledge.
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