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    Session 3 Terrain Problems

    I have gone through session 3 twice now and am still having problems. My previous problems were because of my Lerp function in the Utils class. I swapped Min and Max... oops.

    I have double checked and triple checked everything I can think of but I can't seem to figure it out. I need a fresh pair of eyes on the problem. Here is a screenshot from Session 3 Part 17 where Jason climbs up a hill and then goes to scene view and zooms out (I set my character to go to the exact x and z coord that he is at. His is smooth and looks good. Mine is jagged. Max height is same as the videos at 2048, i will note that at 8096 which Lee set it to in an earlier video caused mine to be extremely jagged.

    Anyone know what could be the problem?

    Another problem I haven't tried to address yet is my minimap. It starts up being displayed and then disappears. Anyone know what could cause that?

    I have gone over the videos 3 times now and can't seem to figure out what is wrong. I have found little mistakes I have made and fixed them but it doesnt fix the overall bumpiness problem.

    Sorry about that. I forget about the edit post. =\ Not trying to abuse the system.
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