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    Class meeting videos are (currently) exempt from the token system

    I've received a few PMs about this, and then realized that I had not yet posted about it. Whoopsie.

    As of right now. All class meetings are currently exempt from the Token system, meaning that as long as you're in the class, you can see all the meetings regardless of what your current chapter restrictions happen to be.

    It's just something we're trying to see if it helps keep people up to speed, at least in terms of where we are at the moment. Since one can attend any of the classes anyway, we figured this would be a nice gesture. If it doesn't work out for some silly reason, we may have to switch it back, but for now it seemed like a good idea.

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    That is good to know, thanks Zak. I have all my tokens so it isn't something that directly effects me, but it just seems like the right thing to do. Else people might feel punished for having class meetings that were at times they could not make.

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    Makes sense to me...

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    Excellent news. I'm kinda hooked on the meetings already (especially Zak's narrative and voice acting ) and I'd be really sad if I couldn't get up to speed until next month.

    I am puzzled though. Am I just not seeing it, or has there not been posted much of the narratives (here on the forums) yet? (Human backstory, Myrlon's Journal, etc...)
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    No reason not to at the moment, they are essentially teasers for the rest of the MMO content anyway
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