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    Exploring the Unity Asset Store

    I've been exploring the Asset Store for a few days now. I've found some useful assets for a fantasy MMORPG, but most of them cost money. As I don't run a company or earn any money developing games (since I'm still learning everything) it would be 'stupid?' to buy any assets that cost money just because they look good.
    But since I've been a student in this class I feel like my future of finally developing an MMO is secure enough. I'm so excited about this I would work a full month somewhere in a pub to get enough money to buy a unity license rather then a new cell phone or guitar, as my friends would do.

    So my question:
    is it worth buying assets and licenses myself? Is it to early to start doing that? (I'm 17 if it matters) In the future of the MMO class I can see us creating spells on our own, but those spells would not look cool without any cool effects, so I've found this package on the asset store:
    I don't see making these effects myself and I would be excited to get my hands on those when we get the ability to do our own thing when it comes to making spells.

    Something else I got an eye on:
    I don't see it being to early to buy that and start making my own fantasy city which I could use in the future.
    So, is this any good to do? My brother works in the graphics industry as a software engineer and he has always told me not to do such things and just stay with the free stuff until you can make any money out of it.

    Thanks for everyone who replies
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    See if I can help you here.
    If you have the drive and can see yourself doing this - create games.. use it for your own experience.. whatever the case maybe. Its an investment for yourself. Same goes for buying books to learn about something. You are investing in something that drives you.. that you have a desire for. I say GO FOR IT!
    Look.. its only money so you can always make more and your 17. Your using it for your own education.
    I understand your brothers point but still... if you are using it to develop whatever you want even if it takes you 5 years.. do it. If you wait.. and wait.. and wait.. what.. you need to make a game in order to get it out there and make money.. who knows.. you might make one 10 years later and it doesn't sell anything. And on top of it you spent years developing assets that you could have purchased. So don't buy the beer this weekend (not that you an anyway. lol) and spend it on something you WANT and start to develop your game.
    Remember the old saying - It COSTS money to MAKE money.
    Please let me know when we are going to have some fun so I can pay attention.

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    I totally agree with Archania here. I my self have bought assets for a game I have been developing. I bought them 3 years ago and I don't feel as if I had used that money for a bad purpose. I have used them countless times for all the R&D I have done for my game. The reason that its been this long and I don't have much to show for it is only because I have had no schooling for programming or game design, and i had no idea where to start. With this MMO class I want to take a lot of what we are doing (like the terrain system) and make it work for my game, even tho its not going to be an MMO.

    So if you really want to do this and you think you can spare the money, I would say go for it. As long as you yourself think that you spend the money for a good reason that is all that matters.

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