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    No Access to Chpts 2 & 3 of MMO Vids

    I have access to this forum, and Chpt 1 of the videos for the MMO class, but not chapters 2 & 3. I get the screen that says these videos have not been added to my account bla bla.

    I had access to Chpt 2 vids last week. Yes I'm a sponsor and I'm 'supposed' to have access to the mmo class.

    Anyone else having a problem accessing the videos?

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    Read the sticky with the big, attention grabbing capital letters saying THIS WILL PROBABLY AFFECT YOU.!

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    When did you actually get in the MMO class?

    check out this post!

    There is a token system that just went into place. You get a chapter for each month you have been in the mmo class.
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    So I had access to Chapter 2, and it was taken away?

    And I have purchased software titles from 3dbuzz in the past, like the Maya Fundamentals, before it became free. Also C++. So that equates to about 4 months of sponsorship.

    Does two months of membership, starting in March, equate to two tokens, and two Chapters? I'm only getting the first chapter now...
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    they told us about the token system before the class ever started. The only reason that you could see chapter 2 videos, is because they had not had the time to implement the token system yet. So even though you were not technically supposed to be able to access those videos, you were still able to do so, as they did not have the system up and working yet. You will get access to chapter 2 when you earn the next credit. If you don't want to wait for that, you can always pay for the annual few, and unlock the first 12 tokens all at once. I believe they have something like a 3 month package that you can buy as well, and that would catch you up to chapter 3 and you could see all the videos again. If you have any problems or confusion please contact Zak by PM. Try to stay calm and pleasant in your PM, remember, you are not playing for this class, you are paying to be a member sponsor. This class has no fee to it. This class is just a perk, as in a favor to 3dbuzz's member sponsors. Being a MS does not guaranty you access to this class. You can be denied access to the class completely if they feel you are becoming a hassle for them, or for any reason they want. I am not saying that you would be unpleasant, I just want to make sure you don't let frustration get the better or you. Remember, even if you do get things late, you are still getting them, and we are all really lucky to have this great opportunity.

    Also, I too have bought Maya Fundamentals, and C++, and XNA extreme 101, and ADP, and Pathfinding with A*, and Behavior Systems, and Introduction to Web Design, and Techniques from the Masters, and their first Unreal book, and the unreal 2004 game that came with their VTM's on it, and I started paying for the MS before the class started so that I could be sure and get in as well as have all my tokens. I think you will find that many other students in this class have also bought many products from them. By your logic I should be able to have the whole MMO class for free until I get my money back from all the other content I have bought from them. The main point is it only has to do with how long you are in the MMO class, or how many months of MS you have payed for when joining or after joining the class.

    If you disagree with my post and want to counter my arguments please do so by PM'ing me. Or PM Zak, or both of us. But please do not use the forum to complain, That is a no no here, and I would hate to see you get kicked from the class or anything. Now to be clear, you haven't done anything wrong yet, I am just trying to make sure it stays that way. Just trying to watch you back.

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    Given that this whole conversation should have been in a PM to Zak in the first place, I'm closing this thread now.

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