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Thread: Unity Layout

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    Unity Layout

    I thought I would post the layout I am using in unity. And would like to now if any one else was using the
    same layout or a different one.

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    Interestingly enough, I am using this layout as well. I really like it. I saw it in a video tutorial or a screenshot somewhere. It's probably the same about of space for the scene but I like this layout better.
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    Nice I'm almost using the same layout. I actually think I'm going to change to this one the only difference is I have the Project/Hierarchy on the other side next to the Inspector. But this looks more open than mine feels.

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    The layout can be different as the person using it. It all depends on how you like it and then get use to it. If it works for you.. Great!
    I can see the advantage of what you did. Just not how I have it. But if it works.. don't change it!
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