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    Exclamation MMO Class Videos for 4/21/2011 Now Available!

    Ok ok... before I started recording with Lee I spent a little extra time and got tonight's class files encoded and uploaded. Again, thank you to all that were able to attend! We now have over 71 hours of video.

    Now... back to recording with Lee. We'll be wrapping Session 7 up tonight.



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    Grats on that huge amount of videos! Now on to 100 hours!

    And thanks so much for all your hard work.

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    Wow in the last few days you have created an amazing amount videos and I wanted to thank for all your hard work. I am thoroughly enjoying this course so far.
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    If only i had a tenth of the energy those guys have! No point in saying keep up the fantastic work because it would take ten teams of wild horses to stop you doing so, and even then ...

    And free Resharper too, wowies.

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    Thanks Buzz.

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    Just thought I would highlight this in case it becomes a problem, but in the Meeting 7.1, the video and really lagging behind the audio.

    Thanks for the new vids btw, trying to find the time to go over the last 40 odd videos at the moment lol.

    EDIT: 7.2 video, every time I watch, within a few minutes of streaming it just drops out and I'm left with a blank grey screen? I have never experienced this before?
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