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    WoW: Level 85 with 0 kills


    Well I did it lol, it was certainly a different way of levelling, requires lots of patience, but I did get to see the whole game in a new light.
    Being on the ground and sneaking around mining and herbing and eventually archaeology, going everywhere to get every single point of discovery xp that you can, really gives you a chance to see an amazing world up close and personal. I spent hours swimming around reefs and flying to the farthest reaches of the maps.
    If you like to explore, and enjoy a challenge I really REALLY recommend this, I have been playing since day 1 on other characters and I even have an original Loremaster (you know, back when it was hard) and I saw so MANY new things with Everbloom that it really made it worthwhile for me to continue on with this character, and each level was a major achievement!

    I would like to ask Blizzard to possibly look into changing the "Invitation to the Argent Tournament" scripted event so that it doesn't flag you as having completed a quest when you haven't actually completed a quest, that almost broke my heart when I logged in and checked my stats page to find my 0 kills 0 quest stats had gone to 0 kills 1 quests completed when all I did was open a letter.
    I opened a ticket and requested the quest be removed but was told it is not possible and that I should mention it on the forums in the hope that Blizzard changes it.

    SO now I am server transferring this one to Antonidas to join the guild <Peace Corps> which is a 0 kills guild that was started there for us alternate advancement people! I think most of the guild is searching out quests that require no killing, but I shall stick to my 0 kills 0 quests attempt yet again!
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    Caught my interest about having broad diversity in game play styles in MMOs.
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    I haven't played WoW in a while so I am not sure what has changed, but I really don't understand how you can get enough xp without doing quests in order to level up. When I played you definitely could not get that xp just by discovering areas, it just didn't give you enough to go up even a few levels.

    I do like that she mentioned how the fun was in exploring the world. That's something I did when I played. I would constantly try to run as a low level person into areas I should not have been in and could not have gotten into had I "walked in the front door" to the zone so to speak.
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    I actually thought about doing that a while ago but never got around to actually doing it and now I have stopped playing wow, But I was thinking if you played up with exploration and secondary proffessions then how rich did you get by lvl 85??
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    That's pretty interesting I certainly wouldn't have the patients to do that. However something you can take from this story and play style is how important the creation of lavish environments will be. Also rewarding the player with achievements and experience for exploring is a great thing!
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    Wow, that is way too much dedication for me... I need to kill things when playing... Maybe I got too much pent up anger?

    You know you want to!

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    i did this on a private realm, but while having fun with hacks ^^ i had fly + speed hack and it still took me a good couple hours
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