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    A Gas Giant (Link to short movie clip) - Inspiration for concept art

    So Elythia orbits a gas giant.

    We have several gas giants in our back yard (cosmically speaking). This is what Saturn really looks like - without special effects.

    Still images from the Cassini probe composited together to make a short animation. I was sent this link by a friend.
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    Nice one DJM!
    I feel i really have to get used to the rings cutting off so abruptly because of the shadow, i know its realistic, but it makes it look meh!

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    What you see are a huge number of high-resolution still images animated in sequence to create full motion using a "2.75D" photographic fly-through technology.
    hehehe who decides these things? 2.75D? Still, awesome name for an awesome technique

    Oh and all space photography should be scored to Adaigo for strings, no exceptions. Homeworld nostalgia kicks me in the stomach every time
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    That looks good, except that spinning makes me sick.

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    they had this vid up on NASA's pic of the day site, pretty good place for space pics and inspiration in general for any space based games. I have it as my home page and usually change my desktop background 2-3 times a week with stuff they have on it...
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