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    12 - Lee's Terrain R&D, Pt. 6

    Ok I am really in 37 - Lee's Terrain R&D,Session 2 Pt. 5 And now realize that I have an issue as I don't have the Char assets from 12 - Lee's Terrain R&D, Pt. 6 where they test the Terrain with a character. Is that package available to download?
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    You are supposed to make the character in the Advanced 3rd person camera Series

    You can always just use the standard Unity Character as placeholder until you make yours (^u^)y

    And as for the Download part ... they won't be uploading the Character system as that circumvents their plan not to distribute code via text. Sorry mate.

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    Hiya Metroblend, I had the same problem and am also going to do the 3rd person camera series. In the meantime however, tomo has very kindly provided us with an intermediate solution to be able to continue following on with the R & D videos.

    See his post here and the one he links to with his code snippet.

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    All the assets used for the 3rd person controller tutorials are __here__. You don't need to make your own unless you want to.

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