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    Yes you can or you could just write a method that does all the processing for you and directly returns the height at a given position. Either way is possible but it would probably be beneficial to precalculate the heights and save them out to save realtime processing of the DEM data.

    With the way the terrain system is designed it is a very easy process of changing the source of the height data. This was done to make it as simple as possible to experiment with different terrain height generation algorithms. In the next round of R&D videos we will be doing exactly that. We will get rid of the previous height data generator and replacing it with the new one as well as making some changes to the way the grid calculates positional information to make it more accurate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chronos78 View Post
    What they don't see is the 1,000 to 1,500 hours of research, meetings, building, testing, refining, travel(for me), recording, editing, encoding, publishing, and ongoing support that went into just that one product. And the free Unity content can't even begin to compare to the scale of the MMO project. Believe me nothing is on pause if anything this project is being pushed harder and faster than anything we've done before.
    I understand this completely and hope you guys don't kill yourselves or burn out too quickly. I know what working stupid hours is like and eventually passion only gets you so far! It's also the reason I don't think I'll purchase a year and just keep paying $35/mo since I can afford to do that little and it's like having my own research team on the cheap =)

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    I understand this completely and hope you guys don't kill yourselves or burn out too quickly.
    yesssss... kill yourselves slowly... very slowly.

    uh jk.

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    DEMS are something I was unaware of until I heard of them here. I plan on using them for some area simulations that will not be part of the MMO concept I have been developing as I go through your videos.

    Side note -
    I have been very pleased with the work that you guys have been pumping out (amazed, surprised, and possibly even overwhelmed at times may be good replacements for the word pleased in this case...) I have learned SOO much in the last 4 weeks and being a part of this class has been a tremendous motivator for me. I look forward to seeing how you are able to put the R&D work you have done in regards to the terrain into action in the actual product. The concept of procedural terrain creation had never even crossed my mind even though my MMO idea would indeed require huge tracts of land to be available. Keep up the good work but don't burn yourselves out! You guys are amazing.

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