Hey folks,

This is just a quick post giving a heads up to everyone using server.exe on their own non-local server. Once you set a server like this up you may find you are running into a lot of connection denied errors once you start using store and savechanges.

This is due to two common problems (I had both):

The server configuration file "Raven.Server.exe.config" in the server folder contains the line:
<add key="Raven/AnonymousAccess" value="Get"/>

On your server make sure this is set to:
<add key="Raven/AnonymousAccess" value="All"/>

Problems regarding access permissions should now go away, because i'm still a beginner myself i can't say for sure but using this method for anything other than a test or demo program is probably a bad idea, it just seems like a way to turn the security off.

And finally:

When you run the server.exe on a VPS you may be given a message like:
"server can be connected to using http://S8487265:8080"

From what i have learned trying to connect to a server with a name like this doesn't seem to work for me, just use your server ip in the client code instead. A good rule of thumb is to use the same http:// in your client as the one that works for your browser.

For the more experienced out there this may be a little obvious but for those out there like me who may be following along with examples but not quite knowing where it is going wrong, i hope this helps.