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    TP Issues - Sliding

    Hi All,

    Ok I know this is in the MMO forum but I wanted to post some code so I'll put it here first. Basically I was getting some inconsistencies with my TP controller where the sliding of the character down the slope was getting some extremely bad (IMO) shuddering and jumping issues. You can see the movie here: Shuddering Slide. Now to fix this I have put a Clamp of the X and Z slide directions and this smooths it out a lot, however it also slows the slide down a fair bit as well.

    The new slide direction line looks like this now:

    slideDirection = new Vector3(Mathf.Clamp(hitInfo.normal.x, -0.15f, 0.015f), -hitInfo.normal.y, Mathf.Clamp(hitInfo.normal.z, -0.05f, 0.05f));
    I guess it's not all that worrying really having a slow slide, but does anyone have any recommendations on a better way to smooth out the slide. I was looking a bit into maybe turning the slide into a directional movement based on the ramp angle and applying it as a normal movement input but I'm still unsure if this is the best way ....

    Any advice / pointers ?

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    Thanks for posting you solution to this problem, but in the videos they say that we are going to make a better sliding movement in the MMO class' TP controller. It requires harder maths. But I would NEVER recommend to smooth a controllable character !
    Thanks again, hoped that helped you somehow !

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