I noticed the other day that Novamind exports to .xml format, and I wondered about the potential of using Novamind for some kind of generic textual content creation for the MMO.

Unfortunately, despite Novamind basically displaying a hierarchy, the XML file it produces does not contain any nested nodes and establishes its relationships using elements in each task node, which is silly and not taking advantage of XML.

To this end, I developed a small converter, when you drop a novamind xml file on to it, it will generate a new file which represents the mind map as a hierarchy, but in XML.

With that, I developed a simple app in c# which loads up a processed XML file and displays the hierarchy as a tree view.

I'm after any kind of suggestions as to how this could be used as a tool in the MMO. It doesn't support any extra type of Novamind content at the moment, such as notes or hyperlinks etc.

I have included an xml file generated from Zak's 2nd mind-map, but if you have Novamind, get in there and make your own map and see if you can break my software.

Download it here