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Thread: Switching Sides

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    Switching Sides

    Something that I always thought would be fun that I have not seen in game that I have played is the ability to switch sides. Maybe there is a certain quest line in that at the end of it, you are able to switch sides to opposite race's rebel faction as they have convinced you that your race's government is really evil. I think this could lead to some very interested quest lines. I haven't really fully fleshed out the idea on what would happen if you converted. Maybe each races has the ability to actual change the race you are. Maybe you stay the same race and gain access to new abilities (staying the same races would also make for good covert quest lines). Maybe there is only a slight modification made to your appearance. Maybe you are converted to a completely different kind of being. If you convert to a Terran, maybe you become an advance cyborg with only your brain transferring into the machine. If you convert to an Elythian, maybe a nercomancer turns you into an undead being. Those are just a few ideas off the top of my head.

    What do you guys think about the general idea of switching sides?
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    Yep, this is a pretty cool idea. If you play EQ2, they do exactly this. If you start out on the good side, you can do a series of quests to transfer over to the evil side and vice versa. While doing these quests, you become attackable to the side you're trying to join so it can be difficult. Also, your class changes to an equivalent version on that side. For example, in EQ2 if you're an assassin and you tranfer to the good side you become a ranger, etc. It was really fun and I like the idea as well.

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    The idea of switching sides is very appealing. As was mentioned before it has the possibility to open up more quests. The closest I've seen to a switching sides story-line was in the Knights of the Old Republic I & II However switching sides might not be consequence free.

    the side you left might decide you're not very nice anymore and come looking for you. Which of course just generates more possible encoutners. Done right it could be great.

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