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    My idea brain dump thread

    This is going to be my thread where any ideas that come to mind can be dumped.
    They are certainly not super refined and I don't have the time to type them up super clearly but I wanted to make them available.

    At worst anything I put here could start other ideas for other people.

    Here we go with the first one.

    A Gameplay mechanic that would affect story development

    Each race has a central city/council
    Each race has two distinct power groups
    • Terran – Corporation and People’s Government
    • Elythia – Magelords and Necromancers

    Each race has only one “active” power group at a time.

    Using Elythia as an example, the game starts with the Magelords in control and occupying the capital. Patrolling units are Magelord patrols. Necromancers are treated negatively in dialog. etc etc

    The user would enter the world and have available:
    • Quests that have no power affiliation
    • Quests that have swapped in attributes for power affiliation
    • Quests that are only available under a certain power affiliation

    As the users perform the “power affiliated” quests, there is a shift in power towards the opposing affiliation.

    Perhaps quests have point values, and the points contribute to a tally (visible to the players) which causes a shift in power when a certain number is reached.

    When the total is reached, there is a day of anarchy (perhaps special quests are available?), followed by a day of celebration for the incoming affiliation, then the quest point tally is reset and the next “reign” of power begins from the opposing affiliation. Ie. Magelords have a period in power, then the Necromancers.

    When the balance of power shifts things become harder for the players. Perhaps things start costing more, there are more patrols, more discrimination against the opposite group, less supply of critical items. Ie. Things that would make the players want to cause a change in power, not just personal affiliation.

    Also, there could be a whole sequence of quests that are only made available as the power change grows closer – ie. Better/More difficult quests just before the shift in power.

    Another dynamic would be between the different races. Eg:
    • Magelords are loved by the People government
    • Magelords are despised by the Corporation (perhaps Magelords prefer no/less mining)
    • Necromancers are despised by the People government (ethics and evil)
    • Necromancers are loved by the Corporation (love mining for profit)

    So if you are affiliated with the Terran Corporation, and you do quests that help the Necromancers on their world you also add points to the Necromancer points pool (promoting a shift in power to the Necromancers). The players own point tally would increase as well.

    You could have things that are only allowable under certain power. As a terrible example - PvP only allowed/encouraged in Necromancer reign of power. If you PvP under Magelords you are policed.

    Each central city, because it’s the seat of power, would be the part that changed the most in between power shifts. To the point where it perhaps could look significantly different when controlled by the different factions. eg. Magelord 'lords' would occupy the capital while in power and replaced by the Necro leaders during their reign.

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    First contact

    Necromancers were banished after the Mage wars. In first contact with the humans there was a lot of tenseness and confusion. It was the use of a Necro mind control spell which breached the communication gap and allowed the two races to begin learning each other. This caused Necromancers to be “partially” welcomed back into the North for specific purposes.

    First contact via remote contact. The drone that arrived at Elythia was able to conduit a holographic communication device. The magic that would allow communication did not work on the hologram, so Myrlon volunteered to be long range teleported to the Terran world and his works as a result made him a hero of sorts for his bravery.


    There are multiple levels of council power for the Elythians. The Terrans are only exposed to the top level. Unbeknownst to most, the top level of the Elythian Magelords is actually controlled by some of the strongest Necromancers.

    Terrans have the ability to scan the Elythian world, but they are not able to scan several areas of the planet, including the capitals. This is put down to the magic of the Elythians. Rather it is due to massive resource of pure Arcanicite. Access to this maintains the power of the Elythian government. Necromancers have a large source in their capital as well.

    If one consumes enough Arcanicite there is a random chance… one that increases the more it is consumed, that the player will transform for a temporary amount of time. (A Magelord Sentinal?) This is the sort of thing that would have been performed in the Mage wars to empower armies of Magelords to battle the Necromancers (and whatever other enemy). Special missions would be available in this temporary period of time. Player model would show this effect – perhaps by a glow or hovering effect.

    Terrans are allowed into the Necro lands to mine Arcanicite and believe that there is one place that is the capital. However, there is another secret capital that houses the highest level Necromancers and it is a place that would allow them to meet in secret with corrupted Magelords.

    Terran Homeworld

    If we were to keep Terran world as Earth, one way we could change things up would be to change the planet through what would be environmental damage. If the sea levels were to rise dramatically this would cause dramatic effects on the surface of the Earth. And it could happen long enough ago that the history of our modern Earth is long gone.

    This chaotic era would lead to destruction of many countries and a regathering around the strong nations that were left the least scathed. Having less governments made it easier for the remaining to get together and create the space faring government (which ultimately would be funded by the corporations).

    Earth is the home of the Terrans, but the actual planet is quarantined. Perhaps early experiments with Nanotech got out of control and a lot of the planet is terribly dangerous. However, the moon has been terraformed and is the new capital and the home of the government. In this way we have Elythia with it’s own dangerous territory, and Earth has it’s own dangerous territory.

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