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One thing I don't like about a lot of MMOs is the 'grind'. It takes an extreme amount of time to skill up in something, doing mindless activities. I like the free for all PVP type of MMO, but at the same time, you skill up in specific aspects. Your attributes can become master in 20-40 hours of game play, but only in a small set of all the available skills. So you can be a master in fighting with a sword & shield, but have ZERO knowledge of crafting and magic. You can become the best weapons smith in the game where everyone needs to come to you to get the best weapons, but refining and gathering the materials to make those weapons are unknown to you, so you must barter with those sort of tradesmen. That type of build encourages, almost forces you to work with others to keep the economy going. Between that, and have a robust guild/clan system (that includes declaring war, etc) that groups people together has always been fun for me. But the games I have play always excel at one, but lack heavily in another.

I hope to be able to accomplish a small demo of that from this class. If you take away the grind, but still keep the RPG feel to it by allowing for specialists of all kinds of variations, it allows for casual play, but between larger groups, it comes down to strategy & politics. Wicked fun.
I had always the idea that the grinding should be handled in two different way. Something like group Grinding and Solo Grinding with zones for each one. Group grinding should lead to faster leveling but I know lots of people that dont like to socialize so they could grind alone 24/7 if they like.

On the topic there are two types of mmo the ones you need to grind your ass off to get level so you may be forced to stay online to get your char to the top (Something like the first Lineage2) or the ones you stay online all day long beacuse they are just very fun to play and the content lures you in. The second case being the "Not Evil MMO" for me.