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    Software Prices and Free Alternatives

    I thought this could be useful for others as I see a lot of posts regarding the software prices and what alternatives there are and I had already spent some time searching for the information on my own. I only do this to help others get a feel for costs so that they can budget accordingly for this MMO or for their own future projects.

    The list:
    (* means it will be used in the class)

    1) Unity*
    • $1,500 for Unity Pro (Not absolutely required but you will be missing out on certain things)

    - Free alternative:
    • Unity Indie

    2) Visual Studio*
    • $1,199 for 2010 Professional with MSDN
    • $549 for 2010 Professional with MSDN Essentials

    - Free alternatives:
    • Visual Studio Express
    • MonoDevelop (already included inside unity)
    • Khann pointed out Microsoft's WebsiteSpark which provides Visual Studio Professional, Windows Server 2008R2 and various other tools for free for up to 3 years.

    2b) Visual Studio extension: Resharper
    • Classroom and Open Source: Free
    • Academic: $49
    • Personal: $200

    - Free alternative:
    • nbyloff mentioned CodeRush which is free for visual studio customers. Does not work with Visual Studio Express though. Stackoverflow has a discussion on the two here.

    3) Autodesk Maya
    • $3,495 for 2011 w/o subscription
    • $4090 for 2011 w/ subscription

    - Cheaper alternatives: (be forewarned that some of these might not export to .fbx format)

    - Free alternatives:
    • Blender
    • Both jimmiduff21 and darkmobius pointed out that if you are a student you can go here to get a free 3 year license of Maya 2011 (also available for most other Autodesk software)
    • phrenzy84 mentioned wings3d

    4) ZBrush
    • $699 for 4.0

    - Free alternatives:
    • Sculptris (currently free, Pixologic bought this - and hired its creator - and are now developing it)
    • Blender (has sculpting tools as well)

    5) Photoshop
    • $699 for CS5

    - Cheaper alternatives:

    - Free alternatives:

    6) RavenDB* (this is free for open source projects but you need to pay for commercial ones)
    • $25 / month subscription or
    • $599 one time payment

    - Free alternative:

    7) Photon Indie*
    • free for 100 ccus (concurrent users), per app/server
    • $450 for 500 ccus
    • $950 for 1000 ccus
    • $1450 for unlimited ccus

    8) Novamind
    • express: $49
    • pro: $149
    • platinum: $249

    - Free alternatives:

    9) Sound
    - Free alternatives:

    That should be it; I apologize in advance for any errors on my part. I saw mention of tortoiseHG as well for version control but I don't know if we will be using it and in any case it's free. I'll add more software and alternatives as they show up if you guys are interested.

    EDIT: Stickied this for when the forums start to get busier... Good job on this, Crash. - FatGav
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