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    (3rd Person Camera) Your character doesn't jump? Here's why!

    I was implementing the Jump from the fourth video when I saw that my character wasn't jumping at all. The code was correct, but for some reason (that I'll tell you in a minute) he did not jump.

    After some trial and error, I've attached the script to a box... And I attached a CharacterController in it, when Unity complained that it already had a Box Collider. I removed the Box Collider and the Box was jumping! So my character actually had a collider that he shouldn't have had! I've removed all colliders (he had colliders for his hat and eyes too ) and now he jumps correcly.

    So if your character is not jumping, check if he has colliders. He shouldn't, the charactercontrollers handle all the collisions!

    Hope it helps!
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