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    Zak said a whole story could be written!

    So, I am sorry that if this gives away any of the story to people that "aren't supposed to see it", but I wanted to show it off, and since I am not going to be a member sponsor for much longer (can't afford it at the moment), I will post it here.

    Anyways, the story that I am writing is based around the Magewars, and is meant to show both sides of it, to try and show that they Necromancers, well... weren't that bad of guys after all, and that the Magelords may not be the greatest of people either.

    Anyways, this isn't finished, no where near, it is just a starting place that I got to late at night, and wanted to present it.

    Please note, I am NOT an amazing writer, nor story teller, but I try. I REALLY try!

    Anyways, here is the first Snippet:

    Quote Originally Posted by The Magewars, Chapter 1
    “Galithae, trust me, this will be your shining hour!”
    “I don't know Cargath... Their powers are very strong...”
    “They shall burn in the fires of our magic!” exclaimed Cargath, “They shall be crushed by the stones of our planet! Their necromancy and blood magic shall not be a match to us!”
    “Hmm... Alright Cargath, I shall lead my inquisition!” Galithae says while leaving the tent. Galithae comes to his inquisition's tent, and exclaims to his men that they must be off. They all get to the warp grounds, and Galithae pulls out a Mag-stone of Arcanicite, forcing a warp into being, teleporting through an extra dimension to an area out in the battle ground with the other inquisitions fighting the Necrolords. Galithae, one of the masters of magic, called upon his troops to prepare for the charge.
    “Inquisitors, I plead upon thee, ignore the frightening displays of these Necromancers! They are but banned magic, and our holy natural powers will tear them down! The great powers of fire, water, earth, and air magic, as well as our powers of warp shall bring us ahead of their necromancy!”, The Head Magistrate, Galithae says to his men, “The Necrolord Grathgohr is just over on the other side of this valley! He is one of the head Necrolords! If we can bring him down, we may dishearten the Necromancers to the point of submission! My Pure Elythians, I call upon thee! Bring your Golems of pure elemental might, and help me bring down the walking dead of these Necromancers! They are but a blight upon our land!”
    The inquisitors of Galithae's Inquisition cheer for the might of the Pure Elythians. The greatest of soldiers pick up their sword, strap on their armor, and grab their Mag-stone of Arcanicite. The magi construct their Golems of fire and stone and water, to prepare for the charge.
    As all the soldiers prepare, they notice a Necrythian army charging their way. The cloud of bone white, and dust of dirt coming their direction was a site to be seen.

    * * *

    As Grathgohr marched around the camp with his two Necrythian guards, he eyed for poorly equipped soldiers, and attempted to aid them. Grathgohr really cared for his Elythian brethren, and cared little to see what the Council of Magics made him seem to be. He only cared for the well being of others. He formed the College of Necromancy to try and create the ultimate saving of others. The ability to bring back the peoples loved ones. This, of course, had nothing to do with his dead wife and son, and had nothing to do with the countless lives that were lost in his life due to failed magic experiments, though if it could help him bring them back, he would happily support it. His brother, on the other hand, had other goals. His goals were meant to abolish currency. Money and greed were running rampant, and if he could abolish currency, there wouldn't be any greed. Thus, he had forced a way to rip the soul out of an Elythian, without actually killing the person. This would allow for fair business deals, without the greed.
    Grathgohr just couldn't see what was wrong with these practices that may make the rest of the council hate him and his brother, Grayoth. The College of Necromancy and the College of Souls weren't to be feared, they were there to help society.
    Grathgohr pondered on the situation for a while, while helping his brethren in creating their Necrythians, and creating Boneswords, and Bloodglaives. His brother was probably doing the same in his encampment, helping his troops create soul spears. These weapons were very powerful weapons, with a small chunk of Arcanicite imbued into them, which gave them immense magical powers.
    Grathgohr was saddened that he was forced to turn these magics that were made to help his brethren into killing machines, but the Council of Magics forced it upon him.
    “Necrolord!” exclaimed a scout, “We spotted another warp in. Our farseers believe that there is an Inquisitor Lord in this new warp in!”
    “Hrmph! An Inquisitor Lord, eh? Prepare the Necrythian Soldiers for combat! Let's not spill any Elythian Blood on our side if we mus'n't! Let us capture that Lord and bring him as a hostage! Let us end this plight with ease, and not with mass bloodshed!”
    Soldiers everywhere started spawning Necrythians out of the graves and the piles of dead soldiers. The Necrythians were armed, and sent forward on a mission to capture, and not kill, if possible, the Inquisitor Lord and his Inquisition.

    * * *

    As the inquisitors met the Necrythians on the battle field, they blasted fire, charring the bones, splashing tidal wives, smashing Necrythians apart, and hurling boulders at them. The sliced away, however many Inquisitors fell in this plight. One being ripped apart by a particularly large Necrythian carrying a Bloodglaive that looked to be growing out of his arm. Another Inquisitor charred a Necrythian, but the Necrythian just continued coming towards him, and with and undeathly might, smashed down upon the Inquisitor's head, a mighty blow of a bone hammer, smashing the armor of the Inquisitor, and shattering the skull into his brain. He lay on the ground with in a bloody pool, as this Necrythian joined the first into attempting to grab The Inquisitor Lord. He, with his Mag-stone, called upon a great fire wave, a story tall, smashing all the Necrythians into charred embers, while leaving the Inquisitors and Magi unscathed.
    “Ha! Is that the best the Necromancers have to offer?!” boasted an Inquisitor, “The impure shall fall before our might!”
    “Don't get too full-headed! They have far more powerful and sinister powers when we actually fight them, and not just their constructs!” warned Galithae.
    As the Inquisitors regrouped, counted their dead, and moved them into a save location to be buried later, they melted together whatever gaps in armor they could find, and mended their flesh back together where they may have been wounded. The alchemists brewed up some healing potions, made of fowl smelling plants, most of which didn't look to be of this world, even though all Inquisitors know, that it costs a Magi to transport between worlds, thus it must be from Elythia. The wounded drank the fowl smelling, smoldering hot concoctions and rested for a few minutes while their wounds magically healed up. The gathered up their supplies, and started the march that will take them a good hour, that takes Necrythians minutes to make.
    “Damn Necrythians. No need for rest, carrying nothing but their bones and weapons. They can move to bloody fast, that we can barely get the chance to react!” moaned an Inquisitor during their hike. A good half hour later, they started chanting their hymns, and started singing Marching songs.

    Oh great Lord of Stone,
    Please make this earth easy to march!

    Oh great Lord of Water,
    Make our thirst be of the past!

    Oh great Lord of Fire,
    Make this cold feel but of nought!

    We march and march,
    For the prize of gaining the Lord Inquisitor's trust!

    The Inquisitors were never the greatest of poets, but the always felt that a good marching song would keep everyone marching when all felt like falling. Lesser Inquisitors than them, or so they may believe, have marched for years in snow and in lava, without stopping to rest. They believed they must show that they are the best, as they are being led by the great Lord Inquisitor of Fire, Headmaster of the College of Fire, and Greatest soldier of the midland city, Volconour, the greatest city of the Fire Masters. They couldn't fail him, for if they did, their families, and he, would be ridiculed and displaced from society.
    Though his Inquisition showed great piety for him, Galithae believed that some, if not most, of his Inquisitors cared little for him, and wished to not be here. Half way among the trek, he forced upon them a mandatory resting period, just so that they wouldn't feel so worn out in the fight to come. As they were resting, a group of Necromancers and their Necrythian Guards came charging for them. Galithae, seeing the Necromancers first, screamed, “Necros! Get to your feet men! We have Impure to smite!”
    C&C is always welcome. Tell me what you think about it!

    I really like the story that Zak came up with for the MMO, and absolutely adore some of the backstory, so that is why I decided I want to branch off from is a bit more.

    Also, it seems that formatting doesn't stay when pasted here, oh well

    (And the reason I post this in the Unity section, before anyone says otherwise, is because it pertains to the MMO class in a way)

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    While I know that it can become habitual to create public works from what you see on the VTMs, I do ask that you please keep things directly related to our MMO here in the MMO Lounge moving forward. You may talk about things publicly af course, but exploring our story in such great detail is something that needs to remain in the classroom. Thanks.

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