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    Chapter 1 - Questions for Thought

    I've worked on a couple of team projects to date, and I've found that the best thing to do, especially early on is to ask questions of the creators to get people thinking of elements they hadn't before, or to start new thoughtlines in the project. That having been said, I figured it would be nice to keep a thread (maybe one per chapter?) of these types of things. Since the first topic was a rather cursory look i've come up with a few basic questions about the world:

    is Arcanicite Renewable? is using it one way renewable? (ex. Magic doesn't use up arcanicite, tech does)

    What is the life expectancy of either race?

    How much time does it take to get from one planet to another? does it differ between travel types?

    Necromancer governmental structure - needs explanation. For example, are they too splintered to fight off mage lords who expand into their area?

    Internal structure of the Mage Lords--what is it?

    What are the population of various planets like? (Makeup of races, etc.)

    Any major bipartisan movements to be noted in the universe? For example a joint planet colonization

    What function does "The System" serve? purely for entertainment or a massive cache of data?

    Who runs, or how are the various colonies of the two races run? do all colonies of the Elythians pay homage to the mage lords or a specific one? Are the terran colonies equal partners in the government?

    Please post anything else you may think of below. Again, I'd like to keep this thread limited to questions to inspire thought rather than just answers. Also if you don't like this just let me know and I'll cut it out.
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