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    AI suggestion (idea)

    I have this idea about AI in mmorpg's that I have not seen in any other:

    If you think about Artificial Intelligence in a game than what seed in the game is the best to generate randomness or behavior ?

    The players of course ! If you make the AI system of the mobs or NPC's change upon behavior of the players and each other the game would generate some interesting and more intelligent situations.

    This is again just a basic idea I've come up with, I do know this is early but I want to get critic in order to strengthen the idea or to just leave it an go on with the rest.

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    I believe you can look at the XNA AI programming you can have a look at Behavioral systems!
    but about these stuff which you are talking about, I believe you can solve it by adding a complicated decision tree to the character, or probably you gonna get
    some combinatorial math if you are going for somewhat intelligent randomness...

    Any more thoughts?
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    Well my idea might make grinding more fun and make bots get killed more often so they are no good.
    Let's say the server spawns a mob and gives it a speed and hit points and stuff, you can also give it a list where it keeps "memories" that gets filled when it interacts with other mobs or players, based on that list you can make hes behavior change or even make hes variables like speed, strength and hitpoints go higher or lower.
    This is just something I would LOVE if it was in any MMORPG you wont get bored fighting them and some times they might work together thanks to that system, that could make PvE grinding harder instead of time consuming

    And I have done the AI behavioral stuff, it's an idea that uses it

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    What you're talking about is a concept of Player Modelling and Procedural Content Generation (not graphical content). I just finished a class on PCG, and am currently working in a research lab on intelligent narratives. I can find some of those research papers again if you like, and point you to some interesting ones. I'm in the classroom at the moment, so I don't want to go too in depth, or I'll fall behind. But I will say that you can, and people have explored the concept of, procedurally generate weapons, abilities, goals, quests, stories, etc.

    If this sounds like what you're getting at, I'll check here again after the class.

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