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    I got mine this morning and I’ve got it up and running - now I just need to figure out how to use it!
    I also need to find out how to get it to work with Cinema4D. Though I guess this is the wrong site to ask as very few here use Cinema4D.
    Someone on another site said something about having to writing a Python script - oh grief!

    Hay Julie. didn't know you were a Cinema 4D user ( what version/package are you using ? I've been using it since 2002, or back to the Amiga days in the mid 90's if you count those . I'm using 11.5 which will be the last ever version I will use. Upgrades just got ridiculously expensive( £1300 minimum upgrade fee for what I have to go studio before the end of last year was just too much, it's well over £1600 odd if I want to now). I noticed you found my Multimedia Resource here on 3D Buzz, there is lots hidden away through the pages there besides the Mograph stuff that you find initially. There will be a bran new section added for a new application I will be using besides the possibility of one for Messiah which everyone else here has. I have yet to test drive Messiah but I have a license for the Basic and Pro versions ( installation instructions state I have to install the 32 Bit basic version first before the 64 Bit version which is kinda odd so need to acquire another USB pen drive.

    For anyone wanting to create a backup or make a clone of their drive USB stick there is a program which will enable you to change the serial code of the USB Drive/stick (and probably any drive for that matter) to the one with the application/s held on it. I've not tried it myself so it's entirely used at your own risk if you do choose to make changes to your drives / USB drives for backup purposes.

    Hard Disk Serial Number Changer Download
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