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    Has anyone tried 3DCoat? I have just downloaded the trial but haven't really worked with it yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kwest View Post
    *RavenDB (This will only cost money if you plan on selling your product, releasing it commercially)
    Not entirely exact as I understand it. It's free if your project is open-source and commercial if it's closed source (even if it's free as in beer). 3DBuzz negotiated a special deal to use it in the class but I don't know the exact licensing terms and to what extend that applies to the student projects.

    It's also free if you use it for your own tests / prototype. But as soon as somebody else connects to your server that uses RavenDB, you must provide your source code under the appropriate open-source license to that person as required by the AGPL license or you can buy the commercial license or maybe even contact the RavenDB people to see if you can get a special licensing deal like 3dbuzz did.

    I know it's complicated, open source licenses are sometimes tricky, especially AGPL v___v

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    Anyone familiar with Free Mind? Does it have the capability to do floating nodes like Zak did with his software? I can't find how to do it anywhere. Is there an alternative that has floating nodes? I am looking at this for other projects too after I saw the power of mind maps.

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