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Thread: and who are u?

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    holland/ somewhere in the middel

    and who are u?

    on page 6 is a shortlist of every post that is made before that post
    dont watch give a nice intro of you'r zelf

    Hello and welcome to this MMO class

    Well let's introduce each other and tell what skills you have or what you really want to learn here.

    Hello I'm Michel.

    I'm a first year student game-developer in the Netherlands.
    I don't have any skills yet, but I am learning.
    and I love 3d modelling
    This is my start of 3dsmax 2011 64 bit.
    And scripting might be hard, but I want to learn it

    For the MMO I'm learning unity faster than I'm supposed to.
    Unity only starts in my next year of school,
    therefore that is going to be a piece of cake for me.

    I'd like to invite you to post your own skills and the really wanna see things
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    Hi all,

    I am Amichai from Israel.
    I am the game operations and testing manager at Double Fusion for four years and have been studying game programming for 2 years.
    I have vast exp in game testing and some exp in game programming.
    I consider myself a game designer\producer.

    I hope to be able to affect the Gameplay\story of the mmo and of course study and collaborate along with all of you.

    Great job on this - Can't wait for the next class...

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    Hey guys,

    I am Mike, From Netherlands aswell.

    Former systems administrator, i focused more on 3D modeling and programming, Few years back we got a team together and made some indie games.(With unity)
    And now looking forward to this MMO project here at 3D buzz.

    Been programming C#/C++ for the better part of my life and Modeling for the past 7 years.

    Looking forward to work/learn/whatever with you guys


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    Holy Land
    Hello Folks

    My name is Harel Jann and I'm from Israel

    Learning Unity and C# for the last half year..

    I'm very excited to be in this class!

    looking forward to see you all

    Good luck!

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    New Zealand
    Name is Michael O'Brien, and I'm here to learn.

    I like to learn.

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    Hi guys!
    My name's Fabrizio and I come from Italy.

    I'm a third year student of Computer Science faculty of University of Milan, and I love game programming since I was a kid. I am focused more on programming than other artistic aspects, but I love too game designing and I've guided a very small hobbistic dev team to produce a couple of very simple DirectX 9.0c/C++ games in the past.
    I love C# as a language (the best in my opinion!) and I think Unity it's really fantastic. As soon as I heard 3DBuzz was going to cover Unity in their VTMs I came here to learn and the MMO Class Project convinced me to sign for Member Sponsorship.

    I'm looking forward to create a create MMO with all of you!

    My Blog (Italian):
    My Web Site (Italian/English):
    My Community (Italian):

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    Hello everyone , my name is Raul and i'm from Spain.

    I have been working as VB programmer for the last few years, and i always wanted to make my own games since i was child.
    I'm studying C# from 3DBuzz videos, and i already worked in Unity making some levels and simple things, and now is time to get futher on it . I'm very excited with this MMO Class and i hope i can make something good from it soon.

    Nice to meet you all of you!

    P.D: sorry if i miss some english grammar skill =(

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    Hi everyone!
    I am Christian from Estonia. Im going through industrial school on the department of Computer Science.
    I've been member of 3DBuzz for couple of years now, existing quitly in the system.

    A while back started with C# series and I'll hope to contribute to the MMO class as much as I can.

    Looking forward to work together.

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    I'm Ian (a guy I used to work with in the UK called me Ianska all the time hence the forum name). I'm 36ish? (age aint nothing but a number). Like long walks on the beach... wait, wrong forum.

    Born in the UK moved to Australia 7 years ago (this week, yay). I work in advertising as a freelance digital illustrator. Mostly doing 3D and and Photoshop work for some big Ad Agencies over here. Lucky enough to be working remotely on most projects so live out in the stick and manage my own time. My website --> Postdigital (never enough time to update lol)

    Always loved computer games (still currently a WoW addict from launch). Started with a ZX81 copying programs line by line out of magazines... ended up doing a lot of arty stuff at school and college and have always wanted to make my own games. finally decided to start learning programming properly as I do a bit of Flash work sometimes, played with Unity on and off for a few years and half understand what's going. Have always been good at maths, love jobs that require problem solving so though programming might be fun and it's about time I got my head around things properly.

    So glad to be a part of what I'm sure is going to be a ground breaking video series

    Times are good my 3DBuzz friends

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    Hi everyone, I'm Stuart (call me Stu ) and I'm from Scotland.

    I'm currently an open university student so I do a lot of studying at home and stuff, I'm also job hunting (which isn't easy). I've been learning C# for a while and while books are good, I've learned so much more from the videos on here . I've become quite a big C# fan and a fan of Visual Studio (Intellisense FTW) and now I'm becoming a big fan of Unity.

    Looking forward to working with everyone
    A wise man once said to me, "life is hard, but it's harder if you're stupid" - Duthos

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