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Thread: and who are u?

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    Guess I'll introduce myself too.

    I'm Sean Maloney, living in the New England area of the US. I'm, uh. 26? Jeez, I had no idea I was this old

    Anyways, I'm currently an unemployed multi-tasker. I went to school at Full Sail University, graduating early 2008 with a Bachelor degree in computer animation. Then I worked at a small indie game studio as a 3D artist on one game that was released, and as an artist and designer of a few other projects that were eventually cancelled when the studio shut down it's 3D game department after all sorts of drama. Most of the company was laid off, which brings me to my current situation where I am part of a three person project working on a Unity puzzle game with two co-workers who were also laid off.

    We're hoping to be able to make a successful product that we can use to secure enough funding to start up our own tiny studio. We're probably 75% done with the project and trying to have it out by April. I'm hoping I'll be able to attend as many of the classes here as possible, and contribute my ideas. So far my schedule for our game has allowed me enough free time to keep pace with the class, and hopefully it stays that way. I've seen how to run a game studio poorly, and am curious to see the right way to do it, so I can apply that knowledge should we be able to start up a full fledged company.

    I became really interested in this class after reading the article (Yes, Zak, at least one person read the whole thing) because I know there are going to be a ton of bumps on the road to it's completion, and I'm very much interested in seeing how they're handled. I'm not much of a fan of MMO games, and I find myself agreeing with Nelson on almost everything he says during the class meetings. I would really like to participate in a process that results in a much better blend than we usually get of the engrossing elements of a singleplayer game, while still being a functioning MMO that retains value over months and months of play.
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    London, Ontario, Canada
    Hey Gang,
    I am so excited to have made it into this class by sneaking into one of the new seats that opened up. I wanted to sign up during the original regristration but missed it unfortunatley. I have been following, using and browsing 3D buzz for years now but just signed up as a registered member, I wish I had done it sooner...

    My real name is Tim Fields and I was born, raised and currently live in London, Ontario, Canada.
    I used to work in the fashion design industry as a graphic/fashion technical artist/designer. After years in the industry I realized I was not passionate or completely happy with what I was doing. I decided a change in career was in order and went to Video Game Design school (after graduating I realize that I should have just signed up to 3D buzz as a registered member and learned all I could from this site. I learned way more from the free content here then I did in 2 years at the school I attended). Currently I am working in the QA department of a AAA game studio here in London. I also am one of 3 partners in a small game design start up call SnoMonki Entertainment. These two things keep me fairly busy but in my spare time I practice several martial arts including Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (I am a assistant instructor at a local club/dojo), snowboard during the winter and ofcourse play video games.

    My Favorite genre of games is MMORPG's and have been playing them for years. I started with Ultima Online then moved onto Star Wars Galaxies(pre CU and NGE when it was and still is my fav MMO of all time), City of Heroes, Wow, Lotro, Champions Online, Age of Conan and currently Rift. Future games I am most looking forward to are Guildwars2 and The Old Republic.

    I am have spent the last few days catching up on the videos and everything sounds amazing so far. Can't wait to dig deeper into this stuff and get more involved, once I am more informed.
    Well...that is a very brief look into who I am and I look forward to what is to come!

    Tim Fields

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    São Jose dos Pinhais, PR, Brazil

    I'm Alfred R. Baudisch and I'm from Brazil.

    I'm a full time mobile game developer, mostly doing freelance and other kinds of contract work (most of them are game related, but sometimes I develop some Apps too . I have only two published games on the AppStore, I'm still trying to get enough funds to work full time on my games without worrying about money.

    I develop game in Cocos 2D, Unity 3D and Corona SDK. I don't want to switch from one to another, I just use the best tool for a given work That's the advantage of learning something new everyday.

    Just as an idea, at the moment I'm working in projects that requires (not exclusively):
    - Objective-C, C++, Cocos 2D
    - Unity 3D with C#
    - Corona
    - C++ and SDL

    I'm also writing the first Corona SDK Book, as you can see in my blog post:

    I also know iTorque 2D/Torque 2D, but honestly I never got work to do with it.

    On the past, when I was on the "dark side" I worked for 12 years as a PHP web developer, and later on a Ruby on Rails developer (I still use PHP and/or Ruby to script some useful tools for games sometimes).

    I write every week in my blog and studio site Karnak Games - You can follow me on my Twitter @KarnakGames!

    I've joined the MMO Class in the recent space availability, so I'm still trying to watch all previous videos, but with the player bug/dropping that is happening with almost everyone, this is actually being a hard task without the videos always stopping after beginning. Anyway I'm really excited to be in and I hope to learn a lot!

    Alfred R. Baudisch

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    Hi all,

    I am Frank Shortt (33years old), from Norway.
    My background is in film production [IMDB] (Camera Department/Cinematographer, but trained on SoftImage, AfterEffects, FCP, Avid)
    Came across Unity by chance, and loved the possibilities it offered. So now, slow and steady I am learning C# and Unity3d here at 3dBuzz and enjoying it immensely.
    ATM this is a hobby, but I would like to see it become more than that one day

    look forward to working with you all

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    Hey guys
    I'm Brian, 30 years old and I live in the City of Glasgow, I am Studying a Bsc Hons Degree in Computer Games Software Development at Glasgow Caledonian University. I really enjoy programming and find there aren't enough hours in the day to do most things I want to do. I have exams at the moment so my progress in the MMO class is somewhat stifled.

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