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Thread: and who are u?

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    Jun 2010
    Heinrich here, from South Africa.

    I am in the process of getting an indy shop going. Like most I have been in love with the idea of getting an MMO going since way back when. Looking forward to the opportunity to try this in a slightly more structured environment.
    My background is mostly in system design and coding.

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    Sep 2006
    Muncie, Indiana
    Yo. My name is Josh, and I live in a cornfield somewhere in Indiana.

    I don't like saying I'm an artist because I'm not sure at what point you are allowed to call yourself that. :P But my main goal is to continue to better myself as an artist so that one day I can do something I love for a living.

    I'm self-taught so far.. aside from buying dvds, books, and asking other artists for advice. Always drew as a kid. Made my own comic in Elementary School. Transforming robots, and plunger guns. Had my love of art crushed in middle school by a bad teacher.. then after high school, started with digital stuff, and then tried out some traditional stuff for a little while.. which really helped me with color theory. I've seen quite a bit of improvement in the last year or two.. but I want MORE!

    My blog where I post paintings/models is at .

    Im really looking forward to contributing. <3

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    Jan 2003
    McBride, BC Canada
    Hi, my name is Jerry and I am from BC, Canada. My gaming experience is limited but I have some ideas that I have been wanting to pursue for years and never had the knowledge to reaslly get going on them. This class looked like just what I need. I plan on following along with the stages but while developing my own game and not just following along.
    I have about 10yr experience with 3D modeling and animation with a variety of software but focusing mainly on Houdini.
    I started and operated a computer parts and repair store for 5 yr.
    Coding has been mostly PHP/HTML and MYSQL with some Delphi, C#, and Java Script.
    Fairly experienced with matte painting as well.
    I am really looking forward to getting to know you and work with you.

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    Feb 2011

    I'm Mats(which is Swedish), call me Max, it would be similar in English, and i don't mind.

    I started long ago with computers, working with them and playing in the evenings, like those sierra games.
    I was working with programming historic computers and later i was and doing graphics mostly freelance.

    I have used Unity for 2,5 years Unity JS and 0.5 year aprox. with C#.

    Im doing a demo now and it will be finished when i think its good enough.

    Im doing all programming to grapics, but i need to learn more to be better programmer.
    Programming, Rigging, Animation is the things i need to learn most.

    I am not a native English speaker so i constantly say words in wrong order or/and spell badly. I can't
    spell swedish so good also so it equal.

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    Dec 2010

    My names Adam and I'm from a small tucked away corner of Ohio.
    I am a professional hobbyist (in that I can choose what I want to explore) and I've been an aspiring programmer for about 2 years now.
    I have a basic knowledge of C++ and C# and have been a member of 3D Buzz for about 2 1/2 months or so.

    I consider myself a developer of the future! :P

    I'm looking forward to studying and collaborating, although so far I'm not going to be available for the first meeting. (That's what forums are for! ).

    Much fun will be had!
    --- Professional Hobbyist ---

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    Jan 2011
    Geneva, Switzerland

    I'm Marc from Switzerland, 35 y.o., I've been programming seriously for 20+ years (plus a few years of BASIC as a kid ;]) and that's also my profession. As a hobby, I've been doing things like 3d engines following the evolution of PC graphics from all software rendering to modern technology and in the recent years I've been able to finally use that knowledge professionally.

    I like to make 48 hours games such as for the ludumdare competition as they are the only ones I actually manage to "finish". My longer projects usually end up in the great limbo of ideas that seemed good at the time.

    A year ago I decided to use Unity as I grew tired of having to recreate a rudimentary engine every time (there are better things to do in a 48h contest than writing a texture or model loader). I was amazed at how easy to use it was without sacrificing flexibility. So now I'm a Unity fanatic (I wish there was a secret sect of Unity worshipers where we would all wear robes and chant incantations to the glory of Unity).

    On the artistic side, I started to learn that when I realized that no one else was going to make my graphics for me. It's still a weak point compared to programming. But I'll keep trying

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    New York
    My name is Paul and I'm from New York City.

    I work as a web developer and mostly program in vb (hangs head in shame). I have been getting a lot into C# lately and I really enjoy it as a language. I'm primarily interested in learning how to set up networking for the game idea that I have. Just a couple of weeks ago I had decided that I wanted to get into game development so it was very propitious that 3dBuzz came out with this mmo class when they did. I really think this is gonna be eye opening and can't wait to get into the heavy stuff.

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    Dallas, Texas
    I'm Jason Guzzardo, I started my career in the Marine Corps where I was a scout/sniper, then joined the army and became a ranger assigned to 1st Ranger Bn at hunter army airfield. RL PvP for the win!!!

    Shortly after joining the Army I got married and my miltary career was effectively murdered so I got into software development. I"ve been a professional software engineer for 15 years working on both business systems and games. I currently work for the late Ensemble Studios (Halo Wars, Age of Empires franchise), which became Bonfire Studios (Adventure Bay, WeFarm for iphone) after Microsoft ended the company. We just recently got purchased by Zynga and our name was changed to Zynga-Dallas. I"m currently working hard on the next big "Ville" game. Go figure!
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    Nov 2009
    Seaford, UK
    wow thats awesome jjguzzardo! having that sort of background would really help out in various games i always dreamed about being a sniper haha but the furthest i got was an air rifle in my back garden

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    Dec 2010
    I'm Nathan out of Dallas, TX.

    I have been in some form of programmer for 9-10years
    Every job I go to, I take on a new role. So I am constantly learning. Currently I run a few SEO campaigns for a major ad agency.
    I have only been into 3d programming for about a month. But I watch 2-3 hours of 3dbuzz videos a day. Went through all the OpenGL, then some of the Unity. Now bouncing around.

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