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Thread: and who are u?

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    Hi guys, I am Jennifer.

    I live in the USA and am 27 years old. I am a student pursuing a degree in applied computing. For me this is a class to pick up some cool skills. While I have some skills in C# from the XNA series I still have some catching up to do. I will be here though, sharing ideas and trying not to sound stupid if I try and help. Probably not going to be making my own unique MMO but definitely going to help as much as I can to see this project completed, and if that includes testing it a lot ... so be it.
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    Hello everyone. My name is Lucas, I'm 24 years old and I'm from Brazil. I have studied video game design/development, but still haven't actually done anything. I'm terrible at graphics, 3D and all the artistic side of that area, but I think I handle coding well enough, and I'm a fast learner. I'd say the only thing I'm vastly experienced at is playing games ^^
    I'm in this class because it simply sounds like an awesome experience, and I'm hoping on learning some really cool skills and stuff and sharing any ideas I can with you guys. Also, I'm with Jennifer on helping completing this project. Testing is hard work, but I'm certainly willing to make that sacrifice ;D
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    hey im shanan from qld australia i have compleated my bachelor of computer games at bond university , and almost compleated my major in film and tv, i expect to learn as much as i can and build on my skills , my strongest point would be sound design , my week point would be programming but hope to build on this during the course

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    Hey guys, I'm Brad

    I live in Toronto, Canada am a 22 year old cook, and have had a interest in game design for the last few years. I have bounced around doing 3D modeling, programming, and audio. Right now my game design and programming is limited to my spare time, but I am hoping in the foreseeable future to be able to go back to school for Game Programming.

    I am looking forward to learning lots in this class along side everyone and just over all having a good time getting to know you all better!

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    Hello, I am Stephen
    I currently live in Florida (USA), and I have a B.S. in Game Development (Software Engineering), also have an A.S. in Audio Engineering. I love programming and designing games. My skill set right now is all technical and skills listed below: (I am learning the art side of things here at 3D Buzz currently going through the Maya Fundamentals and Unity Fundamentals Videos)
    * C/C++
    * C#
    * Win 32
    * DirectX
    * HLSL
    * OpenGL
    * GLSL
    *somewhat familiar with x86 Assembly
    * networking (Winsock)
    * Linear Algebra (3D Math)
    * Game Design Documentation
    * Somewhat familiar with scrum.
    * Also very good working in a team oriented environment

    I am excited and looking forward to working with everyone this should be a lot of fun as I much rather work with a group of people and bounce ideas around, share and learn with others.
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    My name is Steve Jones. I am a degreed Mechanical Engineer but my job has been software engineering during most of my professional life. Go figure. At the moment, by day I work for an aircraft manufacturing company making Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. I am the lead software developer for the flight simulation training software. I can also be seen at the as one of the instructors for C++ for Game Programmers courses. Been programming professionally for the better part of 20 years. Looking forward to this course and glad to be participating with all of you.

    A lot of you have put your age. I'm 45.

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    Hi, I'm David, I'm from England but I live in Tennessee.

    I'm returning to programming after a decade-long hiatus (There's nothing like a university education to suck the joy out of something you love) and the new world of C# is a revelation to me - all the things I hated about C++ don't exist here! I consider myself to be a journeyman modeler in Maya but my animation is weak. I have been using Unity for a few weeks to conduct some experiments in steering behaviours such as flocking and obstacle avoidance. I had some fun writing HLSL shaders for XNA so I hope we can delve into the mysteries of shading in Unity at some point.

    My unique talent is to independently come up with something (at great effort) that everyone else has the sense to discover is already common knowledge.

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    Hello, My name is Andrew Thompson.

    Ever since I was a young teenager I wanted to pursue a career making games. Since about 2002 I have been studying as many of the related disciplines as I possibly can in preparation for the indie market becoming a viable commercial venture (and its happening now!)

    I am a programmer, first and foremost and I have spent the last few months studying c# in preparation for this class. I have marginal skills inside of 3ds max too and I hope to work on this from the perspective of a game asset creator.

    I am looking forward to helping to solve lots of problems and put something really awesome and unique together.

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    hihi! im Matt

    Currently im in college studying games design (suppost to be best college in UK for it) were fortunate enough to work in Unreal & Cry Engine with 3Ds max, unfortunatly i love Maya and unity.
    I've been modelling for a while (non organic stuff) in both Max and Maya.

    A couple of months ago i started an MMO project called Exaro (videos on youtube) which is going really well, just as i got it all set up with smart fox I found out that 3D buzz is using phroton >.<.
    I mainly work in JS but am ok at C# also! I've done basic work in various other languages too: C++, python, PHP

    I try to educate myself in every aspect of games design I was also sponsered in parkour quite a while back and still do it occasionally!

    look forward to being in a educational enviroment with you guys!

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    Hey I'm Mike, I am 22 years old live in Montreal, Canada

    been programming in c# and xna since 2006, and currently moving to c++.

    I'm currently attending adult school for my prerequisite (enriched mathematics) for university. (if everything goes well should be in uni this fall, to start my BA in computer science)

    I have just finished both videos that are up and very much liking where the story proposal is headed
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