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Thread: and who are u?

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    Hey all!

    I'm Dan Kronholm from Denmark. I've been coding for the last 4 years or so, though mostly webdevelopment back- and frontend. I've dabbled in game-coding and made maybe 6 or 7 incomplete games, and recently started on Unity with c#. I don't have more than a few months of experience in c#, but I plan to learn as the MMO class progresses.

    I have always been very interested in mmo's, from a players point of view, but mostly from a development point of view. My first MMO was Everquest, and before that I played a ton of text-only MUD's. Since then, I've played lots of different MMO's - Dark Age of Camelot still being my absolute favorite due to well implemented PVP. I've participated in countless beta's over the years, most recently Warhammer Online, which I betaed for over 1½ year before release. In WAR I coded various addons (LUA and XML). Every since I played my first MMO I've had a blueprint hatching in the back of my brain, for what would be my ideal MMO, and I hope some day to be able to make it. This class will push me a few steps, or more hopefully, in that direction

    Really looking forward to learning and talking to ya'll

    Edit : Forgot to include my mmo history!
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    Dan 'pezz' Kronholm.
    Currently working on: The MMO class!.
    Previously working on: Game called "Boom Bots", while learning Unity and C#. WIP thread here.

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    Hey everyone, my name is Josh, I recently got into game design about a month ago. I'm just getting my feet wet in everything right now until I find what I like best. I'm really excited about this MMO class!

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    Mesa, Arizona

    I am Keaton VanAuken from Phoenix, Arizona. Currently I am living in Berlin, Germany. Got my BS in Game Programming at a school in Arizona where I then got my first job which resulted in working on Stargate Resistance. I was then offered a job here in Berlin working on Long time fan of 3D Buzz so I'm excited to be able to take part in this.

    Started getting interested in Unity at my first job where we looked at it as a possible development platform. Since then I've slowly been building up knowledge on it and built a few simple things. Big fan of MMOs and online games in general so this class has a big appeal for me.

    Should be fun! See ya'll around!
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    Hey everyone,

    I'm Jeremy from PEI, Canada. I've been the technical art director at Bight Games for about 5 years now. Mainly in charge of 3D ( Modeling / animation / rigging done in Maya ) and development tools ( C# / Python ). Before that I was doing freelance 2D and 3D animation for tv. I've dabbled with Unity a bit on my own, but have never gotten too in depth with it. I'm very excited to be part of this class and learn as much about Unity as I can. .

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    Hello everyone!

    My name is Tim and I'm from Fairview, Tennessee. I went to college for computer programming. Then after college I got certified in Maya by taking class at the Renaissance Center in Dickson, TN. The class was being taught at the time by Buzz and Zak. Been Interested in 3DBuzz every since. Really looking forward to this class because I have always been interested in game design.*So this should be fun and interesting

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    Hi everyone,

    I am Heleen Durston. I live in Michigan and have some Unity and c# experience. I look forward to this class and discussing ideas with everyone.

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    My name is Timothy and I'm living in Dallas, Texas. I'm 25(almost 26) and I work for the Girl Scouts, so I'm not in the industry. Not really a whole lot to say about myself other than that. I am a master procrastinator, always striving to change. I've been passionate about 3D modeling for a little over half a decade now, starting with Lightwave and moving onto Maya. My artistic talents didn't exactly match my passion, so I eventually moved on to computer programming, which I've been into for about a similar, slightly less amount of time. C# has been my language since the beginning, and I've read oodles of books and watched countless hours of tutorials, but I've still not allowed myself the sort of progress I really would have hoped I'd achieve.

    Being in this class is very much a challenge for myself and a push for myself to change. I've always been self taught(or tutorial taught, but roughly the same thing), and it's been kind of a detriment in the sense that it hasn't given me a whole lot to push for and strive towards. I'm hoping this class will help me change that and keep me motivated. My worst enemy is myself when I don't allow myself to succeed, but I often do well when given pressure from outside sources and I want this class to help keep me pressured.
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    Hello everyone and welcome to another 3DBuzz VTM, and tonight we'll be programming in Brain****!

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    Hello everyone!

    I'm Leif Arvid (or "Leffi" as most people call me) from Norway. I'm 23 years old, and is interested in both the programming and asset creation aspects of the MMO. Pretty much everything I know, I've learned from 3D Buzz. I don't study computer art or programming, but major in psychology. So I do this on my sparetime, and just for fun That being said, I've pretty much seen "everything" there is on 3D Buzz, so I know a little of everything.

    I think I'll try to make my own MMO, with my own storyline, assets etc, but functionally equivalant to the 3D Buzz one.

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    Hi hi!

    I'm Christian Richards from the US. I'm 30 years old. Been a developer on military contracts for 11 years. I hold a B.S. in Computer Science and I'm working on getting my CITA-P for Software Architecture. My game programming is limited to my spare time. Been working with Unity3d for a few months now.

    I'm going to be working on my own MMO while contributing as much as possible to the class. Nothing beats theorycrafting in my opinion.
    "Ambition is a poor excuse for not having
    sense enough to be lazy." - Edgar Bergen

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    Aloha from the frozen tundra of the Northeastern US! :-p
    I'm Ernie from Massachusetts. I got a degree in Software Engineering a couple years ago and have done some work in C++ and Java in a couple jobs since then. I've gone through the entire XNA Extreme class and made a handful of games with it, including a Tetris clone... good times. So, that includes my C# experience as well.
    I've also gone through some of the Unity Fundamentals class, but I'm really looking forward to going through this development process with a bunch of good, intelligent people working toward an amazing end-product! This should be great!
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