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I feel that a pre-emptive moral panic is unnecessary here. We can deal with it if it ever becomes a problem, or let the forum rules deal with it for us.
I don't really see myself as raising panic here; I hope I have not misrepresented my intentions. I'm just a little apprehensive about it. After all, sex sells, so when people plan out how to sell a product, that one pops up as an easy way to sell the product. It's rule number one for marketing.

As we are all aware, this isn't any some large and official contest, so it's not like we have to get a lawyer to write up the rules and then having some strict judges act according to them. We don't need to lay out strict guidelines of what is considered inappropriate. I was just thinking to throw an official line out there saying "No using sex appeal to sell your product." If you want to be more specific, then just add "you can use attractive live models, just don't obviously go for sex appeal." Hell, you could just say "please don't" and it would be just as effective.
Do we anticipate a large problem with that? No. But just throwing out the restriction would diffuse any potential problem. I don't think that such a simple restriction is going to honestly limit the creativity nor skill that people can use for this contest.

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The whole point of these contests is to get people taking photos and to learn. I just think we should place as few restrictions as possible, and deal with any consequences if they arise.
I like this point, and I agree with you 95%. Placing fewer restrictions encourages more creativity, experimentation, and altogether better results.