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    Photograpy Contest Mark XII

    What are the rules?

    No photoshopping allowed, besides cropping and changing a picture to B&W or Sepia, and making panoramas.
    Post production editing is allowed. The editing done should be global, such as contrast, brightness, or overal tonal balancing (i.e. no sponge/dodge/burn, no brushes, vignetting, etc). Filters are prohibited. Any global editing should be used only to enhance the features that were captured in the shot to begin with. The only exception is converting to B&W or sepia.

    Tell us what you did, unless it's staring us right in the face, in which case you probably shouldn't have done it ^^

    Tell a bit about your image, and how you approached taking it.

    What equipment do I need?

    Well, as long as it can capture light and produce an image you can share with others, be it a analog camera, digital camera or maybe a cellphone camera, you are good to go.

    How do we submit the pictures?

    To make things easier for all of us, the kind and superior being that is mr_charism has supplied a 3dbuzz photo contest script that magically makes your images 3dbuzz-forum-friendly! I suggest using that, but you are of course free to choose any imagehost you like!

    For those that intend to use the magic that mr_charisma conjured, the link is

    The theme

    As decided by Mr3d_PHD, it's Statues and figurines
    You may photograph anything which is a 3D inanimate representation of any living creature. This can be a statue, an action figure, a Monopoly game piece, a rubber chicken, or a 63 foot stuffed red cat. Subject matter can be any animal, insect, human, etc.

    The deadline will, as usual, be 3 weeks, meaning we end on November 15th, 23:59 GMT +1.

    If there are any questions, just ask here.

    Now let the photography commence!
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