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    Animated Material UDK

    Hi guys im fairly fresh to material making in udk but i know a bit. I want to make a futuristic sign on a glass pane (i can make the glass) that is animated.

    I know how to pan it etc but what i want is for the image i put on it constant but i want a animated static line/disturbance to move down it. Some flickering would be cool too but not necessary.

    So Problem

    have a distortion move over a static image that is on a material

    something on these lines just more subtle. and no black stuff just a image distortion

    Thanks and lots of love

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    you need to distort the UV text coordinates of the texture(s) in question. Some examples of doing this:

    The second example is for post process materials and uses the SceneTexture so it is slightly different, but the concept is the same in both examples. You just need to experiment with the texture(s) you use to distort the UVs of the main textures as the ones in the examples (the rainbow cloud) are meant to give a sort of fluid/water type distortion.

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