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    The tale of rigging a tail

    Hi all

    I've gotten back to rigging a character model, this one with a tail whose bones come from the Biped tail links, and I've hit a snag: when I want the Spine (the torso) to rotate in any direction, the tail bones do not follow suit; they just remain in place and don't move with the rest of the body. I've already tried linking the lowest tail bone to the lowest spine bone, but that did not work.

    Would it be easier to just remove the Biped tail bones and replace them with new bones and an IK solver? Or is there something else that I need to do?


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    I wouldn't use biped bones at all. Probably better to just make the skeletal system with the regular bones and an IK solver.

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    A tutorial I did way back when.

    Be warned I tend to get a bit to chatty but you can always fast forward.


    Using this technique you can get this result.

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