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    Vray backburner problem - stitching error - please help

    We have been using vray 1.5 and max design 2011 for about six months with no problems until about a week ago. The problem happens when we use backburner for a network rendering. The job runs fine but when it is stitched together the image doesn't match. It appears like some of the machines are not getting the same lighting information from the scene. It happens if we use two severs or all seven. If we run the a single frame (no network render) it runs fine, but as soon as we send it through backburner it gets messed up. All of the machines have exactly the same specs and software, we have also tried reinstalling all the machines, no luck. These are the same files that worked fine two weeks ago, we have tried several files and they all produce the same results. We do occasionally get an "invalid image file header error" (this is rare) I have attached an image if anyone can help it would be great.
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    I had a similar problem with an animation render, after lots of reinstalling it turns out there are 2 texture files with the same name on 2 computers which have different brightness (I edited one some time) so one computer reads the first file, while the other reads the second one (one texture was in metals folder, the other was in reflections folder)

    try finding duplicate texture files and removing them

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    You should also make sure that your gamma settings are matching on all machines. Check in Customize > Preferences > Gamma and LUT. If it's off, you might try turning it on, but if you do, I'd suggest reading up on Gamma/LUT and linear workflow, because it would necessarily change your workflow slightly.

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