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    Kismet action problem

    Hello folks!
    I registered here in order to find an answer to this problem:
    My problem is this;
    I have a "secret room" that opens with two airlock doors, containing a LAN.
    I succeeded (feat) to open those doors when the player shoots, and have them close.

    But close up even if there is a player in it!
    I want to prevent the doors from closing as there is a player in it.
    The link to the illustration of my problem. (Beware, 1mo image)

    Could someone give me an indication as to the Kismet detects the player in the volume of the room, and put the animation back doors break? And reverse when the player exit the volume?

    edit: Ok, found it on another forum, solution is here.
    But if someone could explain me how to desactivate a Pickup_Factory (The Berserker bonus in my case) to trigger it later with Kismet?
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    in kismet the new action>toggle?toggle should do it. use this method to turn it off using it as the object.

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