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    Unhappy Side Scrolling view problem

    Hi guys,

    how are you ?

    (Excuse me, I'm French so, my English is quite bad)

    I have a problem.

    Since now three weeks I'm trying to create a game with the UDK, a side scrolling game (like original Mario's games).

    At start I was trying to get this side scrolling view by using Kismet and got a lot of issues.

    I spoke about it on a "game creation" forum, where everybody told me to use UT2D scripts and gave me a link for that.

    I've downloaded it and modified it for my game (like changing "UT2DGameInfo" by something that suits with my project)

    Then I tried it, it was waaaaaaay better, but there's still some problems...
    The first problem I saw is that the camera is following the crossair, and not the player, I'd like the camera to follow the player.
    The second problem is... The crossair. The crossair can only move on X (horizontal) axis.

    I've tried to fix those problems by myself (even if I'm a noob with programming/scripting), (I think that) I've found where are the problems from, and what is the problem, but not how to fix it.

    Here is a part of the script where is the problem : [LINK]

    I'm pretty sure that the problem of the crossair is from that line : "vAimingOffset.X = LookingOffset * scale;"
    For me it sounds like "only allow the crossair to move on X axis".
    So, I've added "vAimingOffset.Z = LookingOffset * scale;", but it makes the crossair move diagonally (like that / ) instead of horizontally...

    And I'm not really sure but I think that the camera problem is from that line : "simulated event GetPlayerViewPoint(out vector POVLocation, out Rotator POVRotation)"
    Which I think that mean "Look at the crossair, LOOK AT IT !".

    Maybe somebody in here can help me, please ?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Please, I'd really like to be able to continue my project without these problems...

    Jbizzler is unreachable and I still don't know what I have to do =/

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