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    Have a read of this: The Photographer's Right. It talks about the law in the US, so you may need to adapt depending on where you live. Basically, if you are in a public place, people are allowed to take your photo, with or without permission.

    If I was taking photos of people, I think it would be polite to ask them if it is ok. Most people don't seem to have a problem with this.

    But as for car number plates, can anyone think of any reason why taking a photo of a car that is otherwise unidentifiable would cause a problem for anybody at all? I see hundreds of number plates every day.

    Edit. Here's a description of the laws in Australia:

    There is a section talking about number plates:

    Photographing number plates

    A number of photographers have asked Arts Law whether it is illegal to photograph car number plates on the street. While State and Commonwealth legislation permits police and roads authorities to use various Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems (like Safe-T-Cam) to monitor criminal activity such as speeding, the law does not prevent photography of car number plates.
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