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    Question udk assets and 3dbuzz assets

    can we use all the 3dbuzz assets in our games without any need to license it ?
    and are all the udk assets except skeletal meshes are allowed to be recycled ?
    finally will we get more udk videos in the future ?

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    I am hoping for an in-depth UnrealScript tutorial series like the XNA or C++ series at some point, but unfortunately now that Jeff has left that might be a long ways off.

    I don't know if 3d Buzz has even released any UDK assets, but even so I doubt they'd be free to use.

    As for the UDK assets - you can use everything that isn't the skeletal meshes.. Statics, code, textures/materials (with the exception of the ones pertaining to the skeletals of course).. all fair game.

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