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    Maya 2008 download?

    Anyone know how or where I might be able to download Maya 2008? I am having some problems importing characters into Unreal and my research has led me to believe that it may be to the fact that the character models my office purchased were originally made in Maya 2008 and I exported them to Unreal through Maya 2010. The end result is that the mesh imports incorrectly and it adds several thousand vertexes and random plains everywhere.
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    I recently read that owners of a maya licence are permitted to use older versions, but I don't know any autodesk source regarding this.

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    If your office has a current Autodesk Subscription with Maya you are indeed entitled to use older versions under the 'Previous Versions Right Agreement'. This lets you use up to 3 older versions back than the current release (so you're just covered here), or if your subscription has been going for years you're entitled to use older versions still than this. For example, on my Subscription page I can currently download and use Maya 8, 8.5, 2008, 2009 and 2010 if I so wished.

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