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    Seeing as I got the least votes out of everybody else I say that the next Photo contest should be insects, big or small, flying or creapy crawly type. It's high summer here and there are lots of insects flying around, bees.. butterflies, moths, flies. Crawling type... spiders, ants, beetles..millipeads, centipeads, and ladybirds and what ever else that is an insect. Restrictions are that they must not be mutilated in any way ( see exception below ). For example crainflies must have their wings attached... see this picture here for reference..

    Legs of insects must be legs torn off flies for example.

    Exception: Mutilated insects caused by another insect consuming them are acceptable, for example a spider eating a fly caught in the act. ( Mutilation can not be man made however).

    You are not restricted to photo's of single insects, there could be a whole colony of them.
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