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    This technology is in it's "silent, black and white movie" stage of development. I see it as a leaping stone, a means to an end. That "end" would be video quality that is so real, that a TV could be mistaken for a window.

    Sure it's going to seem like a gimmick at first. EVERY innovation since the beginning of time has, mostly because people fear change. Television itself was first considered a gimmick that would never replace the theatre as a main form of entertainment.

    So go ahead and be a skeptic now, but I would put down everything I'll ever own on a bet that years from now, every single person reading this thread will be watching TVs that evolved in some way from this technology, and will completely take it for granted.

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    ^ that's a very good point. I would be willing to bet that people were saying similar things when sounds/music were first introduced to movies. Then many years later when color was added. I am sure the "purists" wanted to go back to watching it in B&W in silence.

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    Meh. I still enjoy black and white films. There was so much more play on lighting/contrast in those films that isn't done with today's films.

    Personally I'm right with this guy and will probably do this with the RealD glasses I accidentally took home a while back. I wish 2D Avatar had have been available in Toronto.

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