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    Question Im looking for a adobe flash professional alternative(Free) that I can use with UDK

    Im looking for a adobe flash professional alternative what is free so I can make better menus in UDK, I found some but the only problem is that It has to have action script as well. so does any one know of a free alternative of adobe flash professional what uses action script. Any help with be great

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    well presumably you are going for scaleform menu's -

    this guy has some cracking tutorials - but in the first 2 I think there are some mention of alternative and good flash programs

    additionally you can download from adobe the Flash CS5 trial version - which does come with actionscript

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    i'de like to correct my last post, Flash Develop won't help you at all.

    However, I've just come across a Scaleform tutorial on youtube.

    there is a recommended program. SWFTools that supports ActionScript: Http://

    I hope this help you, more then my last one would have.
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