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    2D iPad Adventure Game Looking For 2D/3D Artist

    Team Name: TBD

    Project Name: TBD

    Brief Description: Nothing concrete at the moment but going for a Zelda style adventure game with elements of RPGs. This is primary in the planning stage right now and will probably be until at least the end of June (later if needed) as Unity is the target development tool but with iPhone OS 4, there is some uncertainty about it and if they will have a solution or not.

    Target Aim: iPad

    Compensation: No money upfront but this will not be a free app. Money will be splitted evenly between all project members (ideally want to keep it at 2, maybe 3 if needed).


    Unity (C# only)

    Whatever supports .psd, .obj, .fbx

    Talent Needed:
    2D/3D Artist (3D skills not required but a plus) - Needs to also perform other common tasks such as game design.

    Team Structure:
    Ryan Zec (Me) - Programming, Game Design, etc...

    Nothing right now but when the time comes, that is something I will handle.

    Email (And Google Talk) -

    Previous Work

    Additional Information:
    Right now I am not planning any heavy development of programming until iPhone OS 4 and Unity Compatibility issues are official announced (there is enough work that can be done on the design side). Anyone interested in this will need to have a Unity iPhone Basic (or now Unity iPhone) license. We may upgrade to Pro if we feel we can gain real benefit from it but that will happen closer to release date if it happens.

    Any feedback is welcomed by the contact methods listed above or by replying to this thread.
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