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    Help with rigging on a character

    Hi, firstly any help here would really be appreciated as this is a university project.

    I am having trouble with rigging a character in 3Ds max 2009 which i import from poser. Everything within the rig is fine apart from the arms, which when moved become like jelly and as you can see from the attached image are a mess.

    I was just wondering if anybody new why this happened and if there was any way of solving it. I have tried to play with the envelopes and stuff like that and nothing seems to of worked.

    I know it could be something simple as i am new to rigging of characters in max.

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    I'm not from 3D max but if this problem is similar to this topic, you know what to look for.
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    Humm don’t think you can export a fully rigged model from Poser so I assume that you exported as a 3DS file and trying to rig and skin the model in 3ds Max.

    If you want to export from the Poser world into 3ds Max you might want to consider using Daz Studio instead (there is a free version available).

    Daz Studio can export a COLLADA file but there is a FBX exporter available for a few bucks that will export a Motion Builder ready rig as well as all the textures.

    As for playing around with envelopes that is something that you really don’t want to be doing. The skinning solution only applies envelopes to create a base to work from. Learn how to paint weights, it’s you friend.

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    You can't export a rigged model from poser but what i have been doing is exporting it as an obj file and then rigging it up when i get the mesh into max....this way i can model highly detailed people and then get them to work in max, and everything does work apart from the arms messing up a little bit.

    I've used DAZ studio before and i find it really difficult to use, how can i get poser like models made in daz studio? or would it just be easier to import from poser into daz studio and then from there into max??

    overall i am just looking to create a few different sporting men for my 3D scenes, i don't know if you will be able to tell me any other way of doing this effectively?

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