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    Unhappy MOTIONBUILDER perspective viewport

    First of all, i can't seem to find a specific Motionbuilder area, so i'll post my question here, hope that's ok?

    My problem, when in Producer Perspective mode in the viewport, it wont show my whole model. When i'm dolly'd in, my model is there. But when i dolly out my model disappears (from back to front), this is also happening when i try to orbit around it (the side not facing the camera disappears). This is very annoying!

    Motionbuilder 2010
    Geforce 8800GTX OC (196.21 drivers)
    Vista 64x (Aero function disabled)
    In the Nvidia panel i made a profile for Motionbuilder in which all the settings are turned off, read something about that on the magnificent internet)

    So is there anything i can do about this???

    Thx in advance

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    Sounds like you need to change the clipping plane of the producer camera. Just select the producer camera in the scene manager and change the near/far setting.

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    Wow, that's it I thought it had troubles with my hardware, thanks a lot!

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