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    Question about the c++ videos

    Hello everyone,
    I have been looking at the 3DBuzz C++ videos, and they look very complete and well made.

    My question is, is the project multi platform. From the bits and pieces I saw it seems they use windows and visual studio. Will I be able to follow the tutorials on for example linux with netbeans (c/c++).

    Also what is the end application (game) able to do when you finish VTM 1 to VTM 4.

    Thanks for the help.

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    For the most part the c++ tutorials are cross platform with exception of a couple of functions. They explain which functions are windows only. You will have to find out what Mac or Linux classes accomplish the same thing. I am almost through all the lessons and haven't seen many windows required coding except to get the current time. But everything is explained from a windows point of view.

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    I highly suggest watching the first two videos.. Not just looking at the overview. Mainly because the end application is clearly illustrated in there.

    It is some sort of 2D game, with an editor and GUI.

    Also about the cross platform issue.. From from VTM 1 through 3, I believe everything is console, so basically any compiler setup would do. Next, they use wxWidgets and OpenGL, and if you are clever enough to set that up properly, it is most likely to work. If it doesn't, come back, speak of the issue, and I am very sure that MrCharisma, or any of the million people here at 3DBuzz that uses Linux systems.. will be able to assist you.

    Although, and I am just putting this suggestion out there.. It seems like you do not know how all of this works, so I suggest setting up a nice and friendly windows environment, and get to work on those videos already!

    PS: If you are indeed new, and wanting to do game programming.. I am a huge advicate for the XNA Xtreme course. Seriously. It is gut. That's right. It is that good.

    Sincerely, Mossa
    Mossa "Nova" Merhi

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    What makes you think that I don't know how "all of this" works?

    I haven't been able to see any of the video's completely because the flash player they use here keeps crapping out.
    So, I figured maybe the bandwith of 3Dbuzz is crippled for non paying customers or something like that.

    Anyway, what I asked was based on the couple of seconds I managed to see.
    You have answered my question adequately.

    Thank you.

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