Sorry if there is somewhere else on the forums but I have been looking here and online and have not found a way to solve this problem.

Ok I finish the video and tried to run my code but get an error. The error is :

drawengine.cpp(27) : error C2679: binary '=' : no operator found which takes a right-hand operand of type 'wxBitmap *' (or there is no acceptable conversion)

and the code it is showing as the problem is :

int DrawEngine::createSprite(int index, wxBitmap *sprite)
if (index >= 0 && index < 16)
wxImage img = sprite->ConvertToImage();
img.SetMaskColour(255, 255, 255);

//////// Says here is the problem////////////////////////////////
spriteImage[index] = new wxBitmap(img);

return index;

return -1;

Thanks for any help you can give.