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    XNA 101 Volume 1

    To start:

    Thanks Buzz and Logan!

    I am through skeleton #2 on my trek to learn how to program (experience = self taught and highly confused).

    I just wanted to hop in after 4'ish' hours of training and say you guy are great SO FAR (). I hold overall judgement until the end!

    Anyway I already noticed something you guys missed in the training. On the Item class as Logan was blazing along he forgot to change the Weight property for the weight variable to an int from string (he copy/pasted). Why do I point this out? BECAUSE I noticed it and I know nothing about programming...that has to mean I have learned something! Later on for the player class they catch it(thought they never fixed the original mistake...wonder if it will cause problems).

    The reason for this post is that for the past 2+ years I have tried to learn to program from books and .pdf's and praying. I have learned the basics such as this is a variable. This is a method(). blah blah. In the end I lose all contact with reality, and understanding. I manage to drag myself back to my current life and go back to playing games and watching TV. I am also 30+.

    After spending time on your free video tutorials for Unity and you name it on the site I decided to become a Sponsored member and am loving every minute of it!

    Thanks guys for all the hard work! I look forward to finishing the 101 classes and moving on to 202 303 and so on....if I ever find them that is

    P.S. If you do make a 202/303/blahblah tell Logan to slow down on his copy/pasting of code....I have to rewind a bit to find out wtf he did. Sorry for the expletive deleted.


    - Allen

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    There are quite a few mistakes. Most of them are caught though, and i think its actually good to see the teacher making a few mistakes. You might make the same mistakes yourself, so seeing it in action actually helps

    Plus then you get a feel for the same debug procedure you will go through yourself when you make similar mistakes
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    Just wait until you get to Volume 2 - it's mindblowing!!!

    Welcome to Member Sponsorship, btw
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    I agree that the mistakes are good. Sometimes I would catch a spelling mistake or something and correct it before they do. It is a nice feeling when your code compiles and theirs doesn't! But it is always better to learn how to debug with unintentional errors because you see how it is really done.

    The videos were great for me. I really only bought them to see if I could learn Object Oriented programming (something I have failed to learn on my own for many years). But it was great to also learn C# which I am putting into use with some .net now.

    If you are only 4 hours in you have a ways to go though! I hope you enjoy it. There are plenty of us here who completed the class so feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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    Yesterday our prof made 3 - 4 mistakes on the whiteboard while working on CRC and Parity check (I think he was doing that on purpose), and it was great way for us students to keep our minds sharp as we were correcting him. So yeah, mistakes while learning are great, especially the ones you catch. heh.

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    Soon you'll be anticipating what he's going to say or you'll listen to him verbalize the method or class as he's typing and you can type with him instead of watching him.

    And that also just means you need to get used to the IDE more. Soon the gui will start filling out things for you and you'll start anticipating that.

    In other words, you'll be able to keep up very shortly, rewinding a lot less.
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    The one odd thing is I am using Visual C# 2008 Express...not 2005 (like in the videos). So the 'shortcuts' for properties or I guess they are called Templates are different. In 2008 it is a shorter version after the code.

    So when I type

    prop (tab)(tab) I get:

    public int MyProperty { get; set;}
    instead of in 2005 express

    public int MyProperty
    get {return myproperty;}
    set {myproperty;}
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    The {get; set;} is C# 3.0's automatic properties. If you leave it as that, on compile it will be replaced with what you would originally coded manually, i.e:

       get { return myproperty; }
       set { myproperty = value; }
    What's really awesome is that it also generates the field, so the following automatically generates the private fields firstName, lastName and age, and allows you to access them.

    public class Person 
       public string FirstName  { get; set; }
       public string LastName  { get; set; }
       public int Age { get; set; }
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    Hmm, I didn't know that. It's always good to learn some new tricks
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    Yeah, you can even do things like changing the protection level:
    public string FirstName { get; private set; }
    My biggest annoyance is that the majority of my properties aren't simple get/set so I still have to create the backing fields.

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