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    Xvid Install Problems on Windows7 and Vista

    Hi All,

    I've gone to install Xvid on my Windows7 64bit system and the installer seems to run correctly and a directory is created and programs are populating the directory. When I try to run the Configure Decoder or Encoder I get the following:

    RunDLL Error

    There was a problem starting xvidvfx.dll

    The specified module could not be found.

    the xvidvfx.dll are not getting installing during the install process for some reason and xvid does not show at all as a .avi option at the render setup menu.

    Any thoughts???

    I also tried installing xvid on my other system which runs Vista (64bit) and I'm getting the same problem. Different computer, Different Network.

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    If you are trying to just play a video, get vlc, its just about everything you will ever need in one small package. It ain't the prettiest little thing nor the brightest, but it plays just about everything you toss at it. heck its one step shy of playing files that aren't even videos
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    Thanks for that. I'll give it a try.

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    xvids, divx, mp4 all play natively in windows media player in windows 7 no need for additional codecs. Althought Gmailer was bang on. VLC player is the perfect backup player.
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